Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014: Two ways to support Ethnic Studies supporter Bennet Kayser!

Re-elect Ethnic Studies Supporter Bennett Kayser to LAUSD Board of Education

Sunday (Nov 23) Echo Parque for Bennett Kayser Precinct Walking

Join me, Robert D. Skeels, as we gather signatures for the Honorable Bennett Kayser to qualify for the ballot. Kayser's sponsorship was a key factor in the recently passed Ethnic Studies for #LAUSD requirement resolution, and he has been a force for progressive change and authentic reforms on our school board. Let's keep allies of public education on our board, let's Re-Elect Bennett Kayser for School Board! 10AM meet up at Bright Spot on Sunset Blvd.


Bennett Kayser fundraiser this Sunday 4-7 pm. sponsored by Ethnic Studies Now Coalition. Meet the sponsor of the historic resolution that passed this week! Click here and RSVP for address.

Contact me with any questions you may have!


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