Saturday, March 22, 2014

John Deasy created a culture of secrecy and intimidation in our school community

Plutocratic priest of privatization, LAUSD Superintendent John DeasyA colleague located this brilliant letter from a Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District parent in 2010 reminds us of how Deasy's neoliberal scorched earth policies on behalf of his masters Broad and Gates is nothing new. Sadly, SMMUSD parents had the political savvy and the wherewithal to run Deasy out of town, but not before he used their tax dollars to give convicted felon Robert Felner a huge sum as an incentive towards awarding him a "PhD" with only nine credit hours of coursework. United Way Greater Los Angeles' vile Elise Buik and her lapdogs Ryan Smith and Jason Mandell wouldn't have been able to pull off the same dog and pony show in support of Deasy in SMMUSD, there just aren't enough unemployed parents willing to pretend to support Deasy for a free lunch and t-shirt on the Westside.

This excerpt from the letter is classic in that it sums up the mendacity of the Los Angeles Times editorial board and Deasy's dark "culture of secrecy and intimidation," all in a single paragraph.

Today's LA Times editorial ("Head of the Class: New L.A. Supt. John Deasy clearly has changes in mind," Jan. 11, 2011 ) calls Deasy "inclusive" and "affable" and "a collaborative leader." Previous LA Times reports on Deasy make no mention of the role he played in bringing secret deals to Santa Monica-Malibu, which is still in the process of recovering. Many parents here continue to feel that Deasy created a culture of secrecy and intimidation in our school community. I thought when Deasy arrived that he would bring much needed educational reform to special education, but instead Deasy brought in Tim Walker.

Letters: Deasy Brings Back Tainted Legacy by Robert D. Skeels


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