Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My comments on SCIC protest photo on facebook

Southern California Immigration CoalitionWhat I love about the SCIC, and why I am proud to have been one of its founding members, is that it never compromises its principles out of political expediency or opportunism. When other so-called "progressive" immigration groups were trailing the Democratic party calling for "comprehensive immigration reform" (read no reform at all), the SCIC was calling for full legalization and amnesty for all undocumented peoples. When other groups said ignore proto-fascist racist groups like the Minutemen and other Klansmen, the SCIC stood up to bigots and white supremacists. When funding stream conscious NPICs said don't target media that glorify the Border Patrol, the SCIC protested in front of places like ABC Studios demanding an end to the vilification of the undocumented. Currently LAPD and Mayor Villaraigosa are waging a war on immigrants by stealing their cars at checkpoints. Which major group protested in front of the Mayor's lavish mansion? You bet — The SCIC!

This is also why I support Ron Gochez for City Council. His background of standing up for workers and immigrant rights is peerless, and he brings the vision that only a leftist has to the debates over issues that effect working class people the most.


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