Thursday, December 22, 2011

United Way' Elise Buik's Myopic One Percent Policies

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"By what logic does United Way engage in an activity that is shunned by all the other charities?"—Professor Ralph E. Shaffer

Occupy United Way! Group founded and manifesto publishedUnited Way of Greater Los Angeles' CEO Elise Buik's total compensation in 2010 was $286,985. Entering that figure on provides the following insights:

  • You're in the TOP 0.001% richest people in the world!
  • You are the 107,565 richest person in the world!

With that in mind, is it any wonder that United Way of Greater Los Angeles' policies to help the homeless consist of criminalization and marginalization? Buik works with the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce to find homeless "solutions" that are wildly popular with downtown developers gentrifying everything in sight.

Is it any wonder that Buik personally argued to kill the PSC parent and community vote? Advocates privatized charter-voucher schools at every opportunity? Laundered Gates Foundation money to pay for the discredited NCTQ LAUSD report? Co-founded the right-wing Don't Hold Us Back Coalition to attempt and dictate terms to UTLA in the midst of labor contract negotiations? Is it any wonder that the Don't Hold Us Back Coalition hasn't uttered a single word about trying to save School Readiness Language Development Program (SRLDP), Adult Education, and Busing in LAUSD, but wants the district to spend more to give public schools away to private corporations?

No, it's no wonder at all.

A campaign to divest and discontinue all donations to the United Way is a must. Join Occupy United Way and OccupyLAUSD to fight for social justice!


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