Saturday, October 01, 2011

Schools Matter: Trigger Happy Parent Revolution Refuses Form 990 Request

"Soviet style elections" — Ben Austin in response to parents and communities voting for community school plans over corporate charters.

Parent Revolution are Walton funded Astroturf poverty pimps and privatization pushers
My new Schools Matter piece is Trigger Happy Parent Revolution Refuses Form 990 Request. In it we see once again how the lawless privatizers of the so-called Parent Revolution feel they are above every and all laws. In this case they don't maintain on-site their Forms 990 for public inspection. An encounter with Ben Austin's lieutenant, the churlish Gabe Rose, resulted in me having to file a 13909 Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form for their non-compliance with the law. I suppose they're too busy scamboozling unsuspecting parents to follow laws and the like.

Published 2011-09-30 on Schools Matter, please read it there and share widely.


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