Sunday, August 07, 2011

Schools Matter: Is CNCA Charter Corporation Poaching Parents and Pillaging Privacy?

"Parents having decision making power over a budget is not a sustainable model." — Ana F. Ponce (CEO, CNCA Corporation)

Shannon Leonard and Hoa Truong. Truong is a businessman and has no education experience. He is a graduate of the vile Broad Residency in Urban Education.
I wrote my newest Schools Matter essay: Is CNCA Charter Corporation Poaching Parents and Pillaging Privacy? after revelations from local parents. As we began looking into their concerns it became clear that grave violations of privacy have occurred in that Camino Nuevo Charter Academy (CNCA) Corporation has somehow obtained the contact data of families who are not in their attendance boundary. Many parents have expressed that they are being harassed and harangued by CNCA Corporation to enroll, or even that they've already been enrolled without their consent. We've come to expect nothing but scandalous behavior from the fast growing charter corporation, but their latest malfeasance lowers the bar, even for them. Hopefully a the California Department of Education or some law enforcement agency will look into how the corporate charter charlatans obtained peoples' private contact information.

The piece also looks at how CNCA Corporation has employed weasel words and onerous conditions to insure that they won't need to follow their agreement to offer language programs outside of their inflexible one size fits all transitional bilingual education program. I provide the information necessary for families to file formal complaints with the district regarding CNCA Corporation's intransigence on this issue.

Published 2011-08-06 on Schools Matter, please read it there and share widely.


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