Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Labor Victory - NFL Players Association!

Congratulations to the NFLPA! How inspiring to see the workers' (players) solidarity win out over the insatiable greed of the NFL owners and bosses. We win when we're united, our rulers win when we're divided.

Let's hope the NBPA will also be able to overcome the plantation mentality of their bosses.

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Here's the message from the NFL Players Association.

Dear NFL Fan:

The players of the National Football League want to thank you for your support and patience during the lockout. We worked hard to reach a fair agreement and now that the lockout has been lifted, players and fans can enjoy the game they love.

Please find below an exclusive video featuring several of your favorite players thanking you the fan for rallying around them during this tough time.

We encourage you to share the video with other NFL fans that have supported the players during the lockout:

Forward this email to fellow NFL fans and share the video on your Facebook page
Retweet players using #ThankYouFans hashtag and share the video on your Twitter handle telling us how excited you are for the start of the 2011 season
Be sure to "like" the official NFLPA Facebook page for ongoing updates on all your favorite NFL players

Players of the National Football League

Also see Dave Zirin's: Against All Odds: NFL Players Association Emerges From Lockout as Bruised, Battered Victors


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Heather M. Gardner said...

I'm not going to cheer for the football players who are making entirely too much money, no matter what position, for playing a game. I know your point is about working together for the collective good but these people are a poor example of it.
This is why we watch more college football than any other in our house now. Although they are playing their hearts out to get into the NFL they still play the game better than the pros.