Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Marco Petruzzi and other Magnanimous Wealthy White Men

"We have no money. We're a non-profit. We don't have a rich guy that even [sic] gives us extra." — Marco Petruzzi (CEO Green Dot [Public] Schools) lying to children about astronomical donations by Eli Broad, William Gates III, The Walton Family, Reed Hastings, Donald Fischer, et al.

Privatizer Marco Petruzzi. Stand up to Green Dot's corporate charter-voucher racism
In response to that scoundrel Petruzzi's quote in Howard Blume's latest piece.

The well heeled Marco Petruzzi pays himself a staggering $215,742 a year and then has the nerve to talk about "a fight for resources amongst the poor?" How absolutely despicable and disingenuous is that? He also pays Steve Barr $198,855 and has been known to give out gifts to his cronies like Ben Austin $94,475 (2007 990 PII-A) for "consulting." What a lucrative gig! How magnanimous of these wealthy white men to consider the poverty they so gleefully take advantage of.

Sadly most of this newly allocated money for special education will be pocketed by these charter charlatans while they outsource these children's' education and further marginalize them by separating them from their siblings and peers. To be sure Vielka McFarlane, Marco Petruzzi, Caprice Young, and all the other vultures are probably meeting with their financial advisors right now to see how they can turn this latest windfall from the taxpayers into a personal bonanza.

Charter-voucher executives are rolling in the money while anti-teacher goons criticize unions for providing 50-60K a year jobs to people who actually work with children. Go figure. Results? Let's talk results. Green Dot sports three schools with the lowest 100 APIs in the County. They also feature five schools in the lowest 35 average SAT scores in the County. So much for the private sector.



Anonymous said...

Your ignorance is sad. You do realize that Petruzzi was making nearly $5 MILLION a year as a Bain partner before leaving to fight for what he believes in. The amount of money he makes now is trivial compared to what he would make if he cared about money.

What an evil genius he is to collect $200K instead of $5M!

I'm sure you would prefer that people with no management experience who aren't worth $200K run the company.

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Actually I know exactly how much he was making working for Mit Romney's other vile hedge fund operation, and I know how much he was pulling down when running his little charter-voucher "consulting" gig R3 School Solutions. Glad to know that you think his current quarter million dollars a year is "trivial," since that certainly reveals the class character of both you and the people you are defending. Given Petruzzi's silver spoon upbringing, I guess you wealthy types would consider his current salary small money.

He's no genius, but you seemingly have the evil part correct. Fighting for what he believes in? When he closed Animo Justice by fiat, was that one of his beliefs? When he lied to an auditorium of people saying Green Dot doesn't have a rich guy that gives them money, is that the kind of mendaciousness the two you believe in? What kind of person lies to families? How unprincipled. I know Petruzzi likes to cast himself as a savior, as many wealthy while men do, but even if he was sincere, which is doubtful, that's what Freire called "the false generosity of paternalism."

You give yourself away when you say "run the company" since Green Dot, like other charter-voucher establishments, is a company, and to selfish executives privatizing schools, children are a mere commodity.

Prefer management experience? Actually I'd prefer people with education experience to run schools, but since people like you only see education as a business opportunity, you would have the gall to pose such a ridiculous question.

Moreover, given Green Dot's staggering remediation rates and other indicators, Petruzzi's management is highly questionable. Sure he's good at bad mouthing teachers and speaking condescendingly to parents and community members, but does he have any redeeming qualities? Green Dot's results would indicate his "management" skills are somewhat lacking on every level.

Tell you what anonymous (you were so brave to not post your name here), next time you call someone ignorant, make sure they aren't more knowledgeable than you. That way you want look so utterly foolish for making such specious accusations. Quite frankly, I'll forget more about pedagogy in the next five minutes than you'll ever know.