Monday, September 06, 2010

Yet another white supremacist calls me a 'race traitor.' Don't they know that's a compliment?

White supremacist scum, like charter-voucher advocates, want a return to Jim Crow segregation
I was just looking through my YouTube account messages, and noticed an interesting response to one of my comments defending my compañero Ron Gochez from right wing filth.

YouTube user AnnihilatingAngel had this flattering thing to say to me.

@rdsathene You're a dime-a-dozen "white" liberal punk brainwashed by the Social Marxism of Frankfurt School jews. Your kind pathetically tries to attain "righteous" status by lovingly sucking the stinky asses of "oppressed immigrants and the indigenous" while betraying your own besieged, dwindling people. But the brownies - who would NEVER Judas their own kind - still hold you in the contempt you deserve.

Nobody likes or trusts a traitor. Why not end it all right now? One shot, then peace...

First and foremost, I'm a LEFTIST, not a liberal.

Notice the AnnihilatingAngel accuses me of betrayal (whatever that means) twice. If there's any doubt of AnnihilatingAngel's leanings, his YouTube homepage features a confederate flag and his friends have screen names like Bobalex88. Don't know what 88 is in supremacist speak? SPLC has an excellent Racist Skinhead Glossary.

While being called a 'race traitor' is a badge of courage amoung us social justice activists, it's especially sweet when hurled at you by white supremacists, nativists, neo-nazis, and other right wing racist reactionary filth.

I remember receiving death threats for several brief entries I've written here, like this one. Let's not forget the vitriol and death threats my An open letter to anti-immigrant groups caused.

To be sure, the battles against school privatization, institutionalized racism, and vile nativism will earn you enemies. There's even reactionary right wing kooks like the so-called edobserver blogging about me from his mom's basement while listening to the Fountainhead book-on-tape and playing with his Milton Freidman action figures. Keep that whole libertarian, anti-union, pro-privatization, racist, bigoted LAPU/PR thing going there Anthony, it sure suits you. Sounds like you've been reading a few too many Texas textbooks and fantasizing about fellow charter-voucher school cheerleader and hedge-fund manager Whitney "we need a lot more well-off, well-educated white folks" Tilson. It's no small secret that most of the DLC/DFER charter-voucher advocate camp, like white supremacist scum, want a return to Jim Crow segregation.

I take their racist attacks in stride. I can sleep at night knowing that I take principled stands and fight for my working class sisters, brothers, and the oppressed on every occasion.

¡La lucha sigue y sigue!


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