Friday, May 14, 2010

WNBA May Be Upon Biggest Season Yet

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Dave Zirin is a renowned sports writer who is unafraid to speak truth to power, and we are both members of the same political organization. It's really encouraging to hear him talking up the WNBA and women's basketball. Yoon and I are Sparks season ticket holders and avid Title IX supporters. We invite everyone to check out at least one WNBA game in person this year.

Another thing. Dave Zirin has been on the leading edge of calling out the incredible racism coming from Arizona legislators and their supporters. There is a dialectical relation between Dave writing about courageous athletes willing to speak on behalf of social justice, and more athletes being willing to do so. I don't think the TNT's Inside the NBA analysits Kenny Smith, Chris Webber, and Charles Barkley take the principled stand against SB 1070 they took on T.V. recently in the absense of the space Dave Zirin has created with and for athletes to speak out.

Don't forget to Protest/Boycott the Arizona Diamondbacks in Los Angeles!

Here's my parting thoughts on Arizona's most recent racist law: "HB 2281 ensures the only ethnic studies you'll ever receive are Rich White Male Studies!" (I better be careful, the so-called LAPU/Parent Revolution might actually think that's a good idea)


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