Monday, April 19, 2010

¡La Marcha Unido! Ven con nosotros a Primero de Mayo

March on May Day!

Given the scale and viciousness of attacks on immigrants in particular under Janet Napolitano, and attacks in general on workers under the current administration, making this the largest International Workers Day march is beyond imperative. May Day is our day! Workers' rights and immigrant rights are one and the same! We demand full legalization for all, an end to the racist I.C.E. raids under Napolitano, no exploitative and racist "guest worker/bracero" programs to make the bosses richer, and for the right to organize at every workplace (ie. EFCA).

The SCIC has joined with other immigrant rights groups to announce the unified march this year. Here's footage of the press conference in which this historic announcement occured.

[Click if you can't view the video]

[Click if you can't view the video]


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