Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Respect the community votes! No more charters in LAUSD!

Here's an awesome video by Social Justice Educator and Activist Jose Lara of Los Angeles teachers holding a candle light vigil as they wait in line to get a number for the February 23, 2010 LAUSD school board meeting.

[Click if you can't view the video]

Privatization specialists Ben Austin (City Ethics Case # 2010-36), Shirley Ford, Gabe Rose and the other corporate charter-voucher cheerleaders clamored for a parent vote. Now they're vehemently trying to undermine and subvert those votes!

While Cortines is advocating giving away several public schools to private corporations despite overwhelming community support for the local school plans — including my neighborhood school Gratts — the "market share" mindset of the CCSA and the corporate CMO charter-voucher industry has them calling for even more schools! So much for school choice, huh?

I swung past Beaudry and took some photos this morning, but none of them were worth posting. I did see several Green Dot Public [sic] School employees, including Shirley Ford standing on the sidewalk by the news-vans.

More on this soon!

Relevant twitter updates

@JoseDelBarrio LA Teachers begin the day with morning Candle light vigil saying to school takeovers http://bit.ly/cr8JAF #UTLA #lausd

@avalonsensei Charters could have redeemed themselves by bidding for the neediest schools, but they didn't. So we will fight. #edreform #lausd @itsyolie

@rdsathene Charters, Inc. @gaberose + @parentrev at #LAUSD to convince @itsyolie led Board to ignore parent choice and community votes #edreform #UTLA

@rdsathene Austin, Ford, Rose & @parentrev clamored for parent vote. Now they're vehemently trying to undermine & subvert those votes. #edreform #LAUSD

@rdsathene Did right wing corporate charter charlatan Ben Austin just quote Malcom X. Can he be serious? http://bit.ly/9me8gs #edrefom #UTLA #LAUSD

@rdsathene Charter charlatan Ben Austin calls community & parent votes in PSC advisory "Soviet Style Elections" http://bit.ly/9me8gs #edrefom #LAUSD

@rdsathene Jose Lara absolutely rocked the #LAUSD board! "Self Determination!" "Don't Balkanize our school district!"#edrefom @JoseDelBarrio #UTLA

Not twitter, but Martin Terrones: "Charter Schools [at LAUSD] promote segregation" -- Margarite Lamotte, LAUSD Board Member and sole voice of reason in a sea of closeted biggots and opportunists.


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AP said...

I left the following comment in the commentary section for a Dissident Voice article posted by Skeels. See below... and please, someone, get in touch ASAP.

"We’re going to do two things; and I know there’s some people who think it’s just a Federal matter, but it’s not. The Governor can do a lot about it."

Based on this horrid speech, this segment, I invite the author to get with me directly at 831-688-8038 in Aptos, CA to talk about getting those organizations cited united on another front. Possibly the TOSCA front that's delineated at http://oxtogrind.org/archive/483. I don't really want to conduct a discussion here at DVoice on this 'cause I'm burned out a bit from talk here which doesn't lead to action. So I might not respond to stuff that's entered here on this. Rather, an email to tosca.2010[at]yahoo.com will generate productive dialogue, I believe. Please note that Danny Weil (who writes on the Charter School dynamic) is someone who gave his imprimatur for TOSCA awhile back. Blessings in solidarity, Richard P.S. We can have a proper Governor calling the shots.