Monday, October 26, 2009

Green Dot/LAPU/PR get their undemocratic provision added to LAUSD/Broad/Gates resolution!

Support Parents and UTLA against LAUSD and Green Dot's corporate charter cash cowsThe current RFP can be read here, the following discusses a quote from page 8 of document released October 23, 2009.

Green Dot, CMO, and privatization sympathizer Matt Hill at LAUSD recently had this added to Superintendent Cortines implementation of LAUSD VP Yolie Flores Aguilar's corporate charter choice privatization plan:

Parent Trigger for Program Improvement 3+ Schools

A Program Improvement (PI) year 3-5 school may be included as a Focus School, if signatures of 50 percent plus one of parents at an existing PI 3-5 school, or the signatures of 50 percent plus one of parents with children eligible to attend the school (parents of children who attend feeder schools). Parent Trigger for Program Improvement 3+ Schools

This undemocratic petition "trigger" provision was exactly what chief privatizer Ben Austin called for in his Green Dot/LAPU/PR "Now We Take Power" [1] pro-neoliberal privatization tirade.

Aside from being fraught with fraud, and unaccountable to the community at large, the petitioning clause allows CMOs, EMOs, corporate charters and voucher supporters to trick both unsuspecting parents and parents prone to corporate propaganda. The CMOs also want to collect signatures from feeder schools, with the notion that people whose children may someday attend a target school should be able to participate in handing said school over to corporate entities.

This underhanded attempt to subvert democratic processes is part and parcel the way CMO executives operate. Concerned only with increasing their market share, privately operated charters are the antithesis of democracy, and are wholly unaccountable to the communities in which they seize our schools. These ultra-wealthy CMO executives and their cronies hate democracy and community, we need to demand they keep their hands off our schools!



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