Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Support Los Angeles Parents, Students, and Teachers Against the Cuts

Support Parents and UTLA against LAUSDPlease go and support the brave parents and teachers holding a camp out and hunger strike in the heart of one of Los Angeles' more economically depressed areas. Tonight is the last night of the camp-out in front of John Liechty Middle School, so it would really boost the spirits of those who have been there since Monday to see you.

For more details, see LAhungry4ED website.

On Thursday the camp-out moves to the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex. Teachers from Gratts Elementary and Miguel Contreras will celebrate our schools and community. Starting with with a pot-luck dinner the campout will continue through Friday night. Several of those on hunger strike will be there during various times over the two days.

Flyer for Miguel Contreras Event. For more details, see LAhungry4ED website.

For working people this is all our struggle, and it effects our communities. It's outrageous that in the richest nation on earth we can't maintain reasonable class sizes. These brave parents and teachers serving children of color and economically disadvantaged children deserve better than RIF notices. LAUSD children had nothing to do with mortgage backed securities, collateral debt obligations, credit default swaps, and all the other speculative gambling the finance capitalists used to bet all our futures on. The bottom fifth of California income earners pay 11.7%, while the top one percent only pay 7.1%. If we were to raise the top quintile to pay the same as the bottom quintile, there WOULD BE NO BUDGET CRISIS!


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