Thursday, May 28, 2009

CCCOP's latest on LAPD's murder of Susie Pena

The latest from the community watch group:

The Coalition for Community Control Over the Police will picket outside the LAPD awards ceremony 10:30am Thursday, May 28 at the Kodak Theater, where the LAPD’s highest honor will be given to 10 of the SWAT stormtroopers who killed 18 month old baby Susie Pena in Watts in 2005.  The Medal of Valor, approved by Mayor Villaraigosa’s appointed Police Commission, is "awarded to officers who distinguish themselves by conspicuous bravery or heroism above and beyond..."
Chief Bratton has orchestrated the rewards for killing baby Susie in line with his official denial that his death squad killed her.  He recently postponed Lorena Lopez’ (Susie’s mother) lawsuit while he shops for a new coroner to re-write the autopsy, to exonerate his force from the infant’s death, and remove himself from liability as he seeks a third term.
The Coalition for Community Control Over the Police calls on Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama’s Justice Department to fully enforce the federal Consent Decree, to follow through on its lawsuit against the LAPD for refusing to break its “pattern and practice” of civil rights violations, and for the implementation of an all-elected, all-civilian police control board with full authority over the department.



Anonymous said...

You really think the police officers wanted to kill the little girl? You are a sad case, Sir. And I see you support Socialist/Marxist movements. Countries structured by those models truly DO have "stormtrooper" type police...and people voicing opposition...just by words...find themselves in jail or worse. Your "oppresive country" lets you speak...aren't you proud?

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

You're asking me to determine the officers' motivations? Is that rhetorical or facetious?

I suppose you believe they deserved an award for the shooting that resulted in the death of a small child. I'm ex-military -- yes, I served your empire -- we used to have rules for the application of deadly force, rules that the LAPD apparently doesn't have or adhere to.

By the way, thanks for your misinformed and misguided lessons on what you think socialism consists of, you clearly don't have a clue. Do yourself a favor, unless your willing to stop hiding behind a cowardly mask of anonymity, you'd be best served conversing with people with a low level of political cognition, like yourself.