Thursday, October 04, 2007

CFExpressPro+ PCIe ExpressCard to CompactFlash


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ExpressCard adapters in both 34 and 54 form factors from Delkin Devices, Synchrotech, and Hagiwara Systems are excellent. However, all of them are based on the USB 2.0 portion of the ExpressCard standard. Hence all of them are limited by the decent, but limited speeds of USB 2.0. The latest UDMA 5 and UDMA 6 capable CompactFlash cards boast read speeds that outstrip the real world throughput of USB 2.0. Fortunately, Synchrotech has added an all new PCIe based ExpressCard to its product lineup. The CFExpressPro+ PCIe ExpressCard to CompactFlash Memory Card Adapter 2.5Gbps isn't just UDMA 6 capable, it harnesses PCIe to read the latest high end CompactFlash cards with real world read speeds of 45MB/s with headroom for future cards. If you are a DSLR user deploying high end CompactFlash cards like Sandisk Extreme Ducati Edition, ATP ProMax II CF 300X UDMA, or Lexar UDMA 300X, the CFExpressPro+ PCIe will save you substantial time versus the older USB 2.0 mode ExpressCard to CompactFlash adapters.