Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hate Indoctrination

...Hanging of Osama effigy. Family fun

So goes the last part of an email subject line announcing the United American Committee's planned action for March 31st in Anaheim. Apparently for the reactionary racist UAC, a mock lynching equates to "family fun." Minuteklan and SOS members will join Ted Hayes in their little hate-fest in front of CAIR. Their disgusting press release contains the oxymoronic "Islamofascism" phrase. Of course, racist extremists using that phrase no nothing about fascism, and even less about Islam. Sadly, these ethnocentric, racist, ultra-reactionaries find it fit to bring their children to their ignorant hate demonstrations. That's the "family fun," part. Since hate is a learned behavior, I suppose that is how they create the next generation of white supremacists.


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David said...

at first i thought it read "obama," which would have been more tasteless, i guess, but why did it not shock me when i thought that's what it said?