Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Camouflaging racism

Joe Turner's Save Our State organization and their sister organization at Laguna BeachSPLC has long documented instances of extreme right white supremacist anti-immigrant groups attempting to cover themselves by either enlisting, or forming spin off groups of people of color sharing their anti-immigrant views. We've seen that on a local level with SOS through the Joe Turner and Ted Hayes connections. We've also seen a local MMP/SOS push to support a group they helped form called "you don't speak for me," purportedly a grass root Latino group against immigration.

Michele R. Marcucci, in Immigration group may not be what they seem, writes of a new development. Vietnamese for Fair Immigration, founded by a caucasian FAIR member, posing under a Vietnamese name. His wife, apparently sharing his virulent anti-immigrant views, has written articles that have appeared on the extreme right wing hate site VDARE. When questioned in about this, she replied:

"If you disagree with somebody's point of view, they say you're racist," Hoang said.

Why yes, I would think that anyone that disagrees with phrenology, and other pseudo-sciences like the bell curve as being justified in calling it racist. VDARE, slightly more cautious than a full blown racist site like Stormfront, features writers like Steve Sailer. Just a quick scan of his article titles should be familiar territory with Klansman and Nazis. I certainly hope Hoang's assertion to be understood in this light, we disagree with it and it IS RACIST!


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