Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Direct Ties Between Anti-Immigrant Groups and White Supremacists

Protofacism in the U.S.Despite their constant specious claims they aren't racist, the anti-immigrant hate mongers are constantly being exposed for their white supremacist connections. The above report conclusively proves the ties between anti-immigrant lobbyiests (suit and tie klan) with major political groups. A quote from the 'repectible' Fred Elbel:

Damned right. I hate 'em all - negroes, wasps, spics, eskimos, jews, honkies, krauts, ruskies, ethopans, pakis, hunkies, pollocks and marxists; there are way too many of them. I'm all for trout, elephants, bacteria, whales, wolves, birds, parrot fish, deciduous foliage and mollusks. Time to rebalance the planet, bleeding heart liberals be damned. [sic]

This Saturday (07/08) at around 17:00 the rabidly racist SOS will be in Hollywood trying to show they aren't discouraged by their string of defeats in trying to frighten hard working day laborers. We need to show up in numbers to remind them that we will not stand for their racism and nativism.


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