Thursday, February 23, 2006

The o'hate factor

The culture of fear and hate fomented by this administration combined with the declining standard of living for all of us not in the elite 2%, has given white supremacists fertile ground. We saw it in full force when protesting the SOS/Minutemen all last summer. The Laguna Beach SOS/neo-nazi incident saw how closely anti-immigrant sentiment has become to being straight-out white supremacy. As the blame-the-brown-folks instead of the ruling class rhetoric continues to pour out of the capitalist parties, we will see an increase in the acceptability of open white supremacy.

Orcinus notes throughout the entire country a rise in white supremacy deserves close attention. In addition to monitoring and fighting hate on every front, we must continue effort at creating a vibrant multi-racial, working class, united front. The MVP campaign in California is an excellent place to get involved.


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