Thursday, December 08, 2005

Freedom IS on the March!

The embodiment of buffoonery inhabiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is well known for repetitively spouting off "catch" phrases. Carefully designed by handlers knowing his ability to pronounce only the most rudimentary vocabulary, combined with his limited understanding of even the simplest political issues, these phrases provide the executive with an escape valve when and wherever asked questions. Witness his initial campaign in which he was pressed on views on the pending court decision against the grossest violator of anti-trust laws in history he would parrot "I prefer innovation to litigation," a phrase indicating he would absolve the Redmond based firm if propped into power. Another favorite whenever asked during the 2004 debates on anything about the one sided class warfare his administration has waged since day one from minimum wage reform to job losses to offshore sites was "no child left behind."

There is however, one catch phrase the executive has repeated ad nauseam that actually has a kernel of truth to it. "Freedom is on the march," which he has used extensively in reference to the neo-colonial projects in Afghanistan, Iraq and other unfortunate lands. Tragic-comic examples of what they consider freedom are constantly presented in the compliant reactionary corporate media. "Afghan women freed from their burkas" goes one story, completely ignoring that the average woman in that region now stands a much greater chance of being assaulted, raped, or killed than before their so called liberation. "Iraqis vote for democracy" goes another, ignoring completely the wholesale murder, destruction, and widespread misery the illegal occupation has and still creates every day.

No, freedom isn't on the march in any of the places the Empire has chosen to visit its broad military and economic might upon. Instead it is on the march because the current attempts to subjugate the Near East have seriously limited the U.S. ruling class' ability to maintain its stranglehold on long time "Washington Consensus" victims. Yes freedom is on the march, on the march in places like Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. On the march because ordinary people, working class people, have had enough of the cruel and inhuman consequences of neo-liberal policies. On the march because they have stood against neo-liberalism and have seen major victories against it. On the march because they have experienced their power through struggle and have developed necessary class consciousness.


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