Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans' Day

Many see the party of pure reaction as pro-veteran. After all, don't they all adorn their vehicles with the imperative "support our troops" ribbon magnets? Those of us who have actually served know different. The draft dodging commander in chief's best photo opportunities, from donning a flight suit and posing in front of a mission accomplished banner to having carefully scripted and rehearsed "spontaneous conversations" with troops abroad are the extent of his calloused support of troops.

Since this administration was appointed by the court in 2000, I've seen my VA co-payments for prescriptions and clinic visits steadily increase. VA actually charges interest on partial medical payments now, something I found out after only being able to pay half a bill last summer. My mind drifted back decades ago to when that slick recruiter told me enlistment guaranteed free medical care at the VA for life. Their ability to lie to young working class kids has only improved since I volunteered for active duty (as opposed to the Texas Air Guard).

VA is woefully underfunded and the preemptive war party's best response is to vote against increasing funding five times this year. All the while they fill Walter Reed hospital with the human aftermath of their failing imperial adventures. Support our troops indeed. They support young service people's ability to further their delusions for oil and empire. After that, they are on their own. I'm just waiting for Bush to suggest a "faith based" solution to depleted uranium poisoning. We all know the Connecticut born child of privilege has never needed Veteran Administration services himself. Not that his cowardly "service record" somehow warrants it.


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