Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Students. Tired of corporate reformers making choices about YOUR education? Fight back!


"If you had the power to change the education system, what would you do?"

Here's your chance.

On March 29, at the University of Southern California, through the EmpowerED: Los Angeles Student Power 2014 conference, YOU will be given the opportunity to answer that question AND learn how you can make that answer a reality.

Students all over the country are tired of feeling powerless when it comes to decisions that affect their education. That's why they're standing up and fighting back against things like high stakes testing, school closings, and budget cuts. At EmpowerED 2014, you will:

  • Have a chance to hear the powerful stories of high school student activists from all over the US who've made history in their communities.
  • Engage in a unique opportunity where your vision for education will be featured in "Collective Voice: The Wisdom of Young People on Education," a national exhibition in Washington DC in 2015.
  • Participate in interactive workshops where you'll have the chance to share your ideas on education and learn how YOU can make that vision come true through the Student Power Movement.
  • Be a part of the first ever youth-led event that engages students in a local community in a conversation about their education.

EmpowerED's Featured Speakers:

  • Israel Munoz, Chicago Students Union
  • Tre Murphy, Alliance for Educational Justice
  • Sekai Edwards, Portland Student Union
  • Cauldierre McKay, Providence Student Union
  • Kristin Towkaniuk, Newark Students Union
  • Kate Barnes, Portland Student Union
  • Zoe Marie Foster-La Du, Portland Student Union
  • Mariam Khan, San Jose Youth Commission

This event is now open to USC students and other college students in the LA area. There are only a few spots left, so please register today to reserve your spot!

For those who cannot make the event, it will be livestreamed by Vincent Precht and Jamelle Anthony Nelson on Stay tuned for more info!

EmpowerED is hosted by USC Program Board, Academic Culture Assembly, EdMonth, and Students United for Public Education.


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